Everybody can roll a perfect joint

In just 3 simple steps:
_• Roll the paper English English
_• Place the tip (roach)
_• Fill the cone Nederlands Nederlands
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Hey, I admit it...I can't roll a joint worth a shit. Most of the joints I roll are so loose that you have to smoke it lying down or the shit will fall out. I know that being able to roll a good tight joint is like some right-of-passage to most potheads. But rolling takes a knack that you either have or you don't...and I'm certain I don't have it. So what's a bruver to do?
Well, if you're cylindrically-challenged like me, Rollmate can probably help those who tend to waste good rolling papers creating abominations that fall apart and spill precious herb on the carpet.

The Rollmate is an inexpensive, simple device which helps you form a rather large, but perfect joint, then fill it and pack it with herb. It has no moving parts and you can keep it handy on your key ring. Why didn't I think of this thing?
Our Rollmate arrived in a plain, discreetly addressed envelope. Again, as I always stress, this is something that's very important and shows some consideration from the company. Nobody needs to know what's in your packages but you.

Using the Rollmate was a pretty straightforward process. To roll a nice joint, you simply place your rolling paper (included) around the aluminum "cone", wet the edge and close it tight. Then you remove the "cone" and slide in a paper "tip" (included) in the end. Pack your freshly formed joint with herbs or tobacco using the Rollmate to help you compact it, give the end a twist or two and you've got a complete spliff.

The trickiest part of the whole operation is "rolling" and placing the paper "tip" inside the joint. The "tip" is a actually a small, stiff piece of paper which you roll around the end of the Rollmate and then place into the small tapered end of your open joint. Once you get the hang of this after a few tries, the rest is a snap and you'll be rolling nice tight joints one after the other.

The Rollmate Standard comes in two colors, "Silver" and "Gold" and includes rolling papers and tips and costs $5.75 USD plus $4.00 flat shipping on all orders. So for under 10 bucks, you've got a solid, reliable joint rolling alternative.

They offer another model called "The Dutch Big One". It operates the same as the Standard model, but it rolls even bigger joints. And when I say bigger joints...let me tell ya, I'm talking about humongous 18cm joints. You could club someone to death with one of these things. The Dutch Big One Construction Kit costs $7.75 USD. But you better have a pound or two on hand to fill up this bad boy.

Overall, we liked the Rollmate a lot and would suggest this product to anyone looking for an easy way to roll joints. It's very simple to operate and produces a nice tight joint. Since it doesn't have any moving parts and is made from aluminum, it should provide years of use.

The only real drawback to the Rollmate Standard is the size of the joints this thing produces. A little over 4" long and as fat as your ring finger at it's widest point. Not that I'm scared of it or nuthin' (*shiat...) it's just that it takes a considerable amount of herb to roll shit this size. Now, if you've got plenty of herb on hand or some homies are pitching in at a party... then I say go for it. But if your stash is a little light, you might want to consider mixing it with some herbal smoke or tobacco.

As for The Dutch Big One...well this thing is a monster and looks like a lot of fun to smoke, but you better have plenty of herbs to fill this joker up with.

Lastly, you will need to buy big replacement papers for your Rollmate and also replacement paper "tips". You can easily get the papers locally, but you'll need to reorder the tips from Rollmate or you can probably make your own paper tips easy enough.

Overall, we give the Rollmate a solid 4 Bongs Up.

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Thick finger

In our monthly item 'shopping', you can find the last inventions regarding growing & blowing every month. There is no other line of business with such inventivety to give the consumer a higher comfort. And it can all be so simple, what to think of this conical Rollmate, which you can easily hang on your pants. The principal is at the same time simple but functional: King size rolling paper round it, tip in it and push it with this thick finger.

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Reactions from users and customers


MAN the rollmate is the best thing since, like, uh, hash, man! yeah, now i am the envy of all me toking bro's, and they cant work out how i do it!! keep smoking peeps.

Lil Nicca

I saw the advertisment for this and was liek oh my gosh. i was with my best friend and she was like girl we need to order one of those. so i was like right on dude. so yeah we got one and we was so HIGH!!! it works better then anything we ever used. its still alive and kickin after all these joints. WE GON KEEP ON ROLLIN BABY!!!! thanks to roll mate i got kicked out my my house and now are on the streets. haha yeah buddy holler back youngin whoop whoop!!


This rollmate is wkd!!!!!!!!!! Now my life will be so easy thanx to you. I am gonna tell al my mates and they will be real pleased too. The dutch big one is also very cool but hard to keep untoiced at school. I love smoking the good shit and I love rollmate you are a load of cained geniuses. A loota happy thoughts kay xxx


I bought a roll mate a couple of months ago and i think its alright!i can roll manually really well but i thought i would try it out. theres only one thing that ive gotta say it does take all the fun out of rolling. keep on blazin Gangsta's

Big E

This fucking thing is really cool man i love it! Anyways yea my rolls have inproved a lot! i really love it ROLL MATE YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING GENIOUSES!!!!!!!!!!


I bought this product cos I couldn't roll to save my life... Every time I tried it turned into a deformed joint looking thing... Now I can roll proper fat ones and enjoy myself without having to worry about rolling! This product is great if ya can't roll ya own... Good Luck and God Bless!


Well me and my frend just love weed but there is 1 problem: my frend cant roll joints and i allways had to do it and now i bought him 1 of the rollmates and he was so happy and now he can make his own joints and there even better then mine.


This looks like a pretty good invention, you know, for the times when you find yourself crashed listening to music. You just need to whip out your grinder and whip out the rollmate and hey marley your on your way. No-one can be arsed to roll a marley when there chilling to Oasis and thinking about shit. Wolstanton is the best place in England. Smoke on.

MR extreme pothead

I bought a rollmate from my friend for £2.00 i rolled as few joints with it and got mashed out of my tree then the next day i bought an ounce of skunk and rolled a 2ft long joint it was pretty cool. it made me sit down and chill!!!!!


HOLY SHIT! I picked one up in Amsterdam a few weeks ago and i couldn't roll for shit. Now my friends want to know if going to 'dam has taught me how to roll perfect joints everytime.


Can't really roll normally. bought the dutch big one and rolling papers. papers r immense and everyone who has use them love them. The rollmate is the dogs bollocks. Had it for a few motnhs and so i can make some mint joints. This was confirmed when i went to barbados. me and my mates made some local friends and we went for a smoke on the beach with them. I whipped out a couple of pre rolled ones and they said it was the best looking joint they had ever seen from a tourist. nice. We were makeing some serious bob marleys, cheers.


ohhhh shit this is de don my joints have improved like fuc now im trippin all day thankz you guys im gonna order another one.


SCREW all the other rollers, this ting sounds like somethin' out of a cheech and Chong movie! I'm gettin me one of these as soon as I can, I'll be the kang of all my dumbass freaky friends!


WHAT the fuck man i was like who ever made that is some smart motha fucka my friend has one not me so it saves much time now when i burn i dont have to worry about rolling it n making it perfect so thats some ill shyit keep up the good work.


Woah I just recieved mine in the post! This shit is fuckin amazing! My zoots are perfect! Thanks for your help! I will post a pic of it when I get my digi cam back. Once again thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep tokin my pot heads!!

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