Everybody can roll a perfect joint

In just 3 simple steps:
_• Roll the paper English English
_• Place the tip (roach)
_• Fill the cone Nederlands Nederlands
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Dutch Big One (Construction Kit)


Build a Perfect Big Joint rolled with the Rollmate(tm) that puffs and gives you relaxed pleasure for at least three quarters of an hour. It's a great smoke for a party, birthday or other festivities, your guests will be pleased to get more than 1 suck of the joint, with weed, hash, marihuana or whatever you like to put in.
The Dutch Big One construction kit is a set with the basic materials for building the 18cm cone and it is our hot new product in Amsterdam.

What you need to build a Dutch Big One

Use wide and large rolling paper, approximately 5,5 cm wide and 18 cm long (or longer). Included in the Construction kit (available in the shops mentioned at How to order).

A set of paper-tips or at least one. You can also make one from a business card or so. The tips are also included in our Dutch Big One Construction Kit.

Then you need some ingredients and that's mainly to your own preferences. Use about 3 unwrapped cigarettes for smoking and filling. The rest of the filling is yours, some weed or hash maybe?

And last but not least important you need "the Rollmate". Preferably without the keyring. All right let's build it.

How to make a Dutch Big One

Rip or cut the proposed rolling-paper off the package at the desired length, about 18 to 20 cm.

Roll the paper tight around the Rollmate (without the keyring), wetten the gum edge and close the paper thoroughly.

Now you have the cone and can find the remaining building and filling instructions and pictures at How to use

Dutch Big One Construction Kit

Available at different shops, see How to order


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